PROJECT Shanghai 2010 World Expo Artworks
LOCATION Shanghai, China
PROJECT TEAM Matthew Tobin, Jodie Cox, Stephen Shen, Jamie Perrow, Amanda Axiak, Daniel Clifford, Jason Bell, Jerko Starcevic

UAP were selected from over 100 international tenders to design major sculptures for the eight main entrance areas of Shanghai World Expo 2010. Led by Matthew Tobin and Jamie Perrow, UAP’s in house design team have developed exuberant, inspiring and often playful concepts for these semi-permanent artworks which lead visitors to the Expo’s mesmerizing country pavilions.

Below are the preliminary images of the works.

The Shanghai World Expo concludes at the end of October 2010.

Celebration Fireworks – Initial Concept

Celebrate Installed. photo by Daniel Shih

Weave – Initial Concept

Weave – Installed

Der öffentliche Traum

12 March, 2010

UAP in Audi’s A1 magazine, February 2010