The Tree | FARM

1 December, 2010

LOCATION National Museum of Singapore
DATE 2010

The National Museum of Singapore has added an amazing 3-dimensional sculpture to their gardens.  The piece, by design studio FARM, is aimed to create a tranquil and relaxing setting for visitors.  The shape represents the wide branches of a Banyan Tree, common to the area.  The frame is filled with LEDs to evoke the experience of gazing at the stars at night.

via The Coolist | The Tree by FARM: National Museum of Singapore

and Contemporist | The Tree by FARM

PROJECT Boggo Road Busway
CLIENT Boggo Road Busway Alliance (Thiess, Queensland Transport & Sinclair Knight Merz)
LOCATION Brisbane, QLD, Australia
ARTISTS UAP Studio, Amanda Harris and Alanah Walker
ART CONSULTANT Urban Art Projects
YEAR 2009

Bringing life and local heritage to Brisbane’s Boggo Road Busway is a patterned artwork by UAP designers Amanda Harris and Alanah Walker. Designed specifically for the site, the artwork draws upon the origins of the name “Boggo”, thought to be derived from the local indigenous word “bloggo” meaning “two leaning trees”. 70 abstracted leaf forms are arranged to mimic the lines of two leaning trees, subtly creating a sense of place for transit passengers.

In consideration of the intense sunlight of the Queensland climate, the designers developed a system of laser cut patterns to cast changing shadows across the wall as the sun moves across the sky. The patterns, derived from the veins of a leaf, are arranged such that negative and positive shapes align to cast solid shadows at certain times of the day,  layered with patterned shadows that extend beyond them.

The Tote by Serie Architects

23 December, 2009

LOCATION Mumbai, India
DESIGN Chris Lee and Kapil Gupta, Serie Architects
YEAR 2009

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Chatswood Transport Interchange, Urban Art Projects, Daniel Tobin Chatswood Transport Interchange Detail, Urban Art Projects, Daniel Tobin

PROJECT Chatswood Transport Interchange
LOCATION Sydney, Australia
CLIENT CRI Development
ARTIST UAP Studio, Daniel Tobin
ART MANAGEMENT Urban Art Projects
YEAR 2009

Generating environmental awareness at Sydney’s Chatswood Transport Interchange is an integrated signage artwork designed by UAP Principal Daniel Tobin.

Seeming to fold up from the surrounding pavement, the artwork weaves various symbols into a layered story of sustainable living. Recycled car panels provide the work’s base materials, their former function rejected in favour of sustainable transport choices such as walking, cycling and catching the train.

The form of a slender tree is etched into the outer cladding, which has been hammered from the recycled panels of a 1978 Volvo GLX wagon, a 1979 Toyota Hilux, a 2004 Ford AU Falcon and a 1981 Ford Laser Hatch. These same models feature in an animation displayed on the artwork’s reverse. An LED screen depicts the pollution created by cars and contrasts it with alternative transport options, motivating calls to action such as “dump the car”, and a sapling that grows into a healthy tree.

This innovative artwork combines new media, recycled materials and artistic symbolism to inspire and encourage commuters in their use of sustainable transport.

Urban Knitting

5 October, 2009

Tree Cozy_Carol Hummel_1

LOCATION Cleveland, OH
ARTIST Carol Hummel

Territorial Knittings by Lauren Marsden

PROJECT Territorial Knittings
LOCATION Victoria, BC, Canada
ARTIST Lauren Marsden

shopping sherpa

LOCATION National Gallery, Sydney, Australia
ARTISTS Knitta Please


LOCATION Sydney, Australia
ARTIST Magda Sayeg