ARTISTS Lab(au) and David Letellier
PRODUCERS MediaRuimte Gallery (Brussels) and Roger Tator Gallery (Lyon)
DURATION 17th December 2010 – 29th June 2011

David Letellier, a french architect and electronic musician has collaborated with Lab(au) to produce this kinetic sound installation. The suspended topography of 40 irregular triangles are arranged in a ‘pinwheel’ tiling pattern, based on the work of mathematicians Charles Radin and John Conway.  The triangular panels are fitted with motors and audio transmitters, creating a sound scape in constant motion. The work draws on a long history of theory exploring the relationships between geometry, movement and chaos.

Tessel will continue to move around galleries and festivals in France and Germany until the end of June 2011.

Image via | Indesignlive

VIA | Indesignlive & Lab(au)

lab[au]: binary waves

11 November, 2009

Installation by lab[au] in Paris

PROJECT Binary waves
LOCATION Paris, France
ARTIST lab[au]
YEAR 2008

The Belgian design studio lab[au] placed their cybernetic installation binary waves in Paris to measure and display the various flows of its surroundings. The urban installation measured people, bikes, cars, trains and electromagnetic fields in real time and displayed them through luminous, sonic and kinetic rules.

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Installation by lab[au] in Paris