Henri Schweynoch / BOXEL / Detmold, Germany / Photography © Dirk Schelpmeier, Marcus Brehm

PROJECT BOXEL Temporary Summer Pavilion
LOCATION University of Applied Sciences, Detmold, Germany
DESIGN Henri Schweynoch
TEACHING STAFF Prof. Marco Hemmerling, Visiting-Prof. Matthias Michl, David Lemberski, Guido Brand and Claus Deis
REALISATION Students: Henri Schweynoch , Guido Spriewald, Elena Daweke, Lisa Hagemann, Bernd Benkel, Thomas Serwas Michael Brezina, Samin Magriso, Caroline Zij, Michelle Layahou with Jan Bienek, Christoph Strotmann, Matthias Kemper, Frank Püchner, Florian Tolksdorf, Florian Nienhaus, Andre Osterhaus, Viktoria Vaintraub, Jörg Linden, Bianca Mohr, Kristina Schmolinski, Tobias Jonk
YEAR 2010

Students of architecture at Detmold’s University of Applied Sciences designed and built this temporary summer pavilion from more than 2000 recycled beer boxes. The design, developed using parametric software, places the boxes in a free-flowing form with minimal surface area. Static load testing was carried out to establish the optimum construction method with this unusual material. The fabrication process was completed within one week, providing a fitting venue for the end of semester party.

Henri Schweynoch / BOXEL / Detmold, Germany / Photography © Dirk Schelpmeier, Marcus Brehm

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PROJECT Guerilla Furnishing
LOCATION Weimar, Germany
DESIGN Rugwind
YEAR 2009

In an ingenious streetscape intervention to humanise the space outside his apartment block, Nils Volkmann of Rugwind created a cheekily hidden bench. Designed for spontaneous community gatherings of a small scale, the Guerilla Bench appears to be a standard electricity box. For those in the know, however, it is in fact a folding wooden bench to seat three or four. One of a range of socially-focused designs by rugwind, the Guerilla Bench represents new thinking for street furniture, making public spaces adaptable to suit the community.

From the designer:

“Thanks to its urban mimicry the cable distribution box keeps a secret when closed. Just open it and you’ll find a cosy bench, for you and the people in your neighbourhood. A bench as a social catalyst which offers an atmospheric meeting place.”

designboom | rugwind: guerilla bench

Der öffentliche Traum

12 March, 2010

UAP in Audi’s A1 magazine, February 2010

ARTIST Pedro Cabarita Reis
ARTWORK Les Dormeurs
YEAR 2009

Pedro Cabrita Reis exhibition at Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg