ARTISTS Lab(au) and David Letellier
PRODUCERS MediaRuimte Gallery (Brussels) and Roger Tator Gallery (Lyon)
DURATION 17th December 2010 – 29th June 2011

David Letellier, a french architect and electronic musician has collaborated with Lab(au) to produce this kinetic sound installation. The suspended topography of 40 irregular triangles are arranged in a ‘pinwheel’ tiling pattern, based on the work of mathematicians Charles Radin and John Conway.  The triangular panels are fitted with motors and audio transmitters, creating a sound scape in constant motion. The work draws on a long history of theory exploring the relationships between geometry, movement and chaos.

Tessel will continue to move around galleries and festivals in France and Germany until the end of June 2011.

Image via | Indesignlive

VIA | Indesignlive & Lab(au)

Atsara / [M]ondes / image by David Houncheringer

PROJECT Festival of Trees and Lights (Festival Arbres et Lumières)
LOCATION Geneva, Switzerland
ARTISTS Thierry Metral, Allegory, Geraud Periole, Jérôme Hutin, Alexandre Hurzeler, Tilt, Katharina Hohmann, Anaïde Davoudlarian & Grégory Burnisholz, Ron Haselden, Atsara, Simona Braga, Sara De Gouy, Bufalino Benedetto & Benoît Deseille
DURATION 26 November 2010 – 2 January 2011

Taking advantage of the longer hours of darkness over the Christmas period, Geneva’s Festival of Trees and Lights invites diverse European artists to contribute temporary installations for the city’s streetscapes. The artworks this year varied from the eerie, suspended [M]ondes by Atsara, to the playful Pacman figures by Bufalino Benedetto & Benoît Deseille, installed on a string of existing lights.

Pac’ / Bufalino Benedetto & Benoît Deseille

Thierry Metral / Réminiscence / image by David Houncheringer

Jérôme Hutin / Les Vénérables  / image by David Houncheringer

via Lost at E-Minor


16 December, 2010

PROJECT Digital Nights
ARTISTS Miguel Chevalier, Bertrand Planes, LAb[au], Visual System, Tom Carr, MU, Charles Lim and Zulkifle Mahmod
Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Orchard Road, Singapore
17th – 26th September 2010

Digital Nights was created as an interactive walk around the streets of Singapore, to coincide with the Formula One in September this year.  The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) worked in collaboration with artists and selected streets and malls to create a response to the activities that were taking place in the city.  Artists created pieces that incorporated digital art, interactive, sculptural, sound and lighting elements. The Singapore Art Museum connected to the event by displaying four interactive installations placed throughout the museum.

MU artist collective created Love is in the Air, an immersive sound walk and interactive game especially designed for Digital Nights 2010 and the associated artworks located throughout the city.   An iPhone app acted as a guide with interactive maps to direct the participant to destinations around the city, and gradually revealed the story of two lovers as it progressed.  Directed by sounds, images, music and glimpses of the story, participants were able to immerse themselves in a site-specific experience of fiction and reality.

via iTunes |  MU – Love is in the Air, App

via Mandarin Gallery | Light Sculpture

Miguel Chevalier | Ultra Nature

via Digital Nights | Singapore

GALLERY Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia
DATE 14 December, 2010 (One night only)
ARTISTS Tony Albert, Ben Ali Ong, Peter Alwast, Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, Eleanor & James Avery, Anna Carey, Emma Darrouzet, Kim Demuth, Roger D’Souza, Stacie Gibson, Nathan Gray, Irene Hanenberg, Amanda Harris, PJ Hickman, Petrina Hicks, Nat Koyama, Peter Madden, Jen Marchant, Alasdair Macintyre, Donna Marcus, Daniel Marsden, Phoebe McDonald, Kath McLean, Scott Miles, Sebastian Moody, John Nicholson, Jesse Olsen, Zoe Porter, Marissa Purcell, Emma Reilly, Bruce Reynolds, Pia Robinson, Luisa Rossitto, Nike Savvas, Carly Scoufos, Kate Shaw, Belinda Smith, Gemma Smith, Hannah Smith, Martin Smith, Bryan Spier, Genevieve Staines, Jerko Starcevic, Matthew Tobin, Daniel Tobin, Alanah Walker, Judy Watson, Jo Woolley, Michael Zavros

50 artists have contributed works for a Charity Exhibition to raise the profile of Retts Syndrome and to raise funds to purchase necessary equipment for 3-year-old Eva D’Souza, who suffers from the neurodevelopment disorder.

Emma, Eva’s mum explains,”Rett Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that begins to affect normal developmental milestones at around 6-18 months of age and nearly always affects girls. It is caused by a fault in a gene whose role is to instruct other genes to switch off and on. Loss of purposeful hand use is usually replaced with hand-wringing or mouthing and in most girls there is complete loss of verbal and physical skills. Other symptoms include seizures, spinal curvature, gastro-intestinal problems and heart disturbance.  Eva has some but not all of the aforementioned Rett symptoms and we try to keep some at bay with lots of physical therapy and dietary changes. Since 1993 an Australia-wide study, which is the only population-based collection of Rett syndrome in the world, has been investigating this disorder. Rett syndrome affects 1 in 9000 girls in Australia.”

The artists, an eclectic mix of established and emerging, local and international, have donated the artworks which will each be sold on the night for the same fixed sum. All proceeds will go to a fund for Eva.


9 December, 2010

CURATOR The Cool Hunter
Exhibitions to take place in major cities (to be announced)

The Cool Hunter has announced TreeLife, a global event that responds to the drive for innovative and sustainable design and architecture.  The purpose of the project is to highlight that sustainable living can co-exist with contemporary urban life. TreeLife explores the notion of ‘Life in the Trees’, using the tree house as a statement of Eco-design.  The program will bring together architects, artists and designers to create a modern and sustainable tree house out of recycled materials. In addition, a global program of temporary events and exhibitions will provide opportunities for community participation around the event.  These include art and lighting installations, Silent Cinema, free bikes for transport between sites, and the opportunity to sleep overnight in a tree house.

TreeLife | Sustainable tree houses

TreeLife | Sleep overnight in a tree house

Via The Cool Hunter | TreeLife

ARTIST Gabriel Dawe
PROJECT Plexus Installation
LOCATION Dallas Contemporary in Texas
YEAR 2010

Gabriel Dawe’s textile experience inspired his creation of Plexus, a large scale gallery installation.  Currently featured at the Dallas Contemporary, the installation is formed by brightly coloured Gütermann thread that is stretched between wooden blocks that are attached to both the floor and ceiling.  The vibrant threads are arranged in a cascading linear pattern, yielding different effects of colour and form when viewed from different angles.

Via SVARTA | Gabriel Dawe

and The Cool Hunter | Gabriel Dawe – Installation Artist