18 February, 2011

ARTIST Brook Andrew
Local Memory
PROJECT Artists In Residency (A.I.R)
LOCATION Central Park, Sydney
ORGANISERS Frasers Property Group, Artists In Residency (A.I.R)
DURATION Commencing March 2011

Fraser’s Property has recently announced the selected artists to feature in their Sydney Central Park residency project.  The residency will begin in March 2011, bringing to life the heritage listed Carlton Brewery.  Four artists and artist collaborations were chosen to exhibit: Brook Andrew will be the first, followed by Mikala Dwyer, Caroline Rothwell and Claire Healy & Sean Corderio.

Brook Andrew’s Local Memory will be featured on the side of the building facing Broadway.  Local Memory features 18 portraits of people who have lived, worked and witnessed change in the brewery since it opened in 1909. Each image is reproduced larger-than-life at 3 metres high and is illuminated with neon frames to activate the brewery facade and it surrounds by day and night. 

Image Via | Indesignlive

Via | Indesignlive and Central Park Sydney

ARTIST Gemma Smith
ARTWORK Synchro (Peach/Red Oxide)
PROJECT Brisbane Airport Village
LOCATION Brisbane, QLD, Australia
CLIENT Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC)
CURATORIAL UAP with Gabrielle McTaggart
DESIGN UAP Studio, Elishia Whitchurch
FINISH Unicoatings
YEAR 2010

Brisbane Airport Village is a mixed-use urban precinct within the greater airport city that incorporates corporate offices, retail and commercial precincts, hospitality zones and green spaces.

UAP designers worked with local artist Gemma Smith to develop a landmark sculpture for the Spine Park that connects the Village’s commercial precinct with hotels and Airtrain station.

Smith’s gallery practice, strongly based in the consideration of colour and geometry, was extrapolated to create this monumental work. Smith created a series of adaptable folding sculptures and noticed that viewers tended to form them into architectural or shelter-like shapes. One of these was chosen to be scaled up to 4 metres in height, creating inviting architectural spaces that contrast with the open landscape.

Part of an integrated program of artworks within the precinct, the sculpture is a dynamic feature in the park that injects colour and vitality into the urban environment.

Gemma Smith is represented by Sarah Cottier Gallery and Milani Gallery.


GALLERY Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia
DATE 14 December, 2010 (One night only)
ARTISTS Tony Albert, Ben Ali Ong, Peter Alwast, Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, Eleanor & James Avery, Anna Carey, Emma Darrouzet, Kim Demuth, Roger D’Souza, Stacie Gibson, Nathan Gray, Irene Hanenberg, Amanda Harris, PJ Hickman, Petrina Hicks, Nat Koyama, Peter Madden, Jen Marchant, Alasdair Macintyre, Donna Marcus, Daniel Marsden, Phoebe McDonald, Kath McLean, Scott Miles, Sebastian Moody, John Nicholson, Jesse Olsen, Zoe Porter, Marissa Purcell, Emma Reilly, Bruce Reynolds, Pia Robinson, Luisa Rossitto, Nike Savvas, Carly Scoufos, Kate Shaw, Belinda Smith, Gemma Smith, Hannah Smith, Martin Smith, Bryan Spier, Genevieve Staines, Jerko Starcevic, Matthew Tobin, Daniel Tobin, Alanah Walker, Judy Watson, Jo Woolley, Michael Zavros

50 artists have contributed works for a Charity Exhibition to raise the profile of Retts Syndrome and to raise funds to purchase necessary equipment for 3-year-old Eva D’Souza, who suffers from the neurodevelopment disorder.

Emma, Eva’s mum explains,”Rett Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that begins to affect normal developmental milestones at around 6-18 months of age and nearly always affects girls. It is caused by a fault in a gene whose role is to instruct other genes to switch off and on. Loss of purposeful hand use is usually replaced with hand-wringing or mouthing and in most girls there is complete loss of verbal and physical skills. Other symptoms include seizures, spinal curvature, gastro-intestinal problems and heart disturbance.  Eva has some but not all of the aforementioned Rett symptoms and we try to keep some at bay with lots of physical therapy and dietary changes. Since 1993 an Australia-wide study, which is the only population-based collection of Rett syndrome in the world, has been investigating this disorder. Rett syndrome affects 1 in 9000 girls in Australia.”

The artists, an eclectic mix of established and emerging, local and international, have donated the artworks which will each be sold on the night for the same fixed sum. All proceeds will go to a fund for Eva.

Eleanor & James Avery / Portcullis (2010) / mirror laminate on ply / 172cm 220cm x 33cm

ARTISTS Eleanor & James Avery
GALLERY Ryan Renshaw Gallery
LOCATION 137 Warry Street Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
DURATION 24 November – 11 December, 2010
OPENING EVENT Friday 26 November, 6-8pm

We’re looking forward to Eleanor & James Avery’s newest exhibition. Opening next Friday at Ryan Renshaw Gallery.

ARTIST Dani Marti
ARTWORK TITLE Baroque Minimalism
PROJECT Westfield Centrepoint 100 Market Street
LOCATION Sydney, NSW, Australia
CLIENT Westfield
ARCHITECT John Wardle Architects
DESIGN UAP Studio, Elishia Whitchurch
YEAR 2010
PHOTOGRAPHY Mark Llewellynn Photography

Dani Marti has conceived an integrated façade artwork for Westfield Centrepoint in Sydney. The artwork is located at the main entrance on Market Street, and forms part of a masterplanned curatorial program activating key areas of the mall.

Marti, a Spanish-Australian sculptor, predominantly works in soft materials, skillfully manipulating thick ropes and weaving them into rhythmic patterns that appear as oversized fabric swatches.

The Centrepoint façade achieves this woven aesthetic with panels of cast glass-reinforced concrete. Marti creates a visual play between form and material, pushing the viewer’s perception as the concrete appears to warp and weave in flowing patterns across the surface.

A unique feature in the revitalised streetscape, the intriguing, tactile façade invites exploration and touch.

Progress Images

‘Where the River Meets the Sea’ at Swell Sculpture Festival 2010 / Image courtesy the artists

ARTISTS Brendan Morse and Stefan Purcell
PROJECT Where the River Meets the Sea
EXHIBITION Swell Sculpture Festival
LOCATION Currumbin, QLD, Australia
DURATION 10 – 19 September, 2010

‘Where the River Meets the Sea’ is the first in a series of work that converts retired rowing shells into refined artwork for public space. The project is an ongoing collaboration between the All Hallows School, Brisbane, Rowing Support Groups, who supply the boats, and artists Brendan Morse and Stefan Purcell. This sculpture was recently installed on Currumbin Beach as a successful entry in the Swell Sculpture Festival.

From the artists:

“The sculpture was consciously installed in a location with a view of both the Pacific Ocean and the Currumbin Creek Estuary. It is a tribute to the rivers of the Earth, a reminder of the vitality, richness, and fragility of our estuaries in the face of an expanding population and the damage we cause when we forget to care for these ecosystems that critically connect country to towns & cities and to oceans.

With the exception of necessary glues and fixings, ‘Where the River Meets the Sea’ is constructed entirely of salvaged material, off-cuts & scrap, including the fibreglass shells, galvanised steel structure, stainless steel plate, copper plate, bronze rods and hardwood veneer. It is also a reminder of the resources that we continue to squander regardless of the warnings.”

Stefan and Brendan have been working together in the Ecological Design realm for the past 3 years. They share a passion for ecologically sound technology, and both drive their personal art practices with the central tenet of ‘reuse & recycle’.

Retired rowing shells to be ‘recycled’ into new artwork / Image courtesy the artists

‘Where the River Meets the Sea’ at Swell Sculpture Festival 2010 / Image courtesy the artists