BAC Village Spine Park | Gemma Smith

10 December, 2010

ARTIST Gemma Smith
ARTWORK Synchro (Peach/Red Oxide)
PROJECT Brisbane Airport Village
LOCATION Brisbane, QLD, Australia
CLIENT Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC)
CURATORIAL UAP with Gabrielle McTaggart
DESIGN UAP Studio, Elishia Whitchurch
FINISH Unicoatings
YEAR 2010

Brisbane Airport Village is a mixed-use urban precinct within the greater airport city that incorporates corporate offices, retail and commercial precincts, hospitality zones and green spaces.

UAP designers worked with local artist Gemma Smith to develop a landmark sculpture for the Spine Park that connects the Village’s commercial precinct with hotels and Airtrain station.

Smith’s gallery practice, strongly based in the consideration of colour and geometry, was extrapolated to create this monumental work. Smith created a series of adaptable folding sculptures and noticed that viewers tended to form them into architectural or shelter-like shapes. One of these was chosen to be scaled up to 4 metres in height, creating inviting architectural spaces that contrast with the open landscape.

Part of an integrated program of artworks within the precinct, the sculpture is a dynamic feature in the park that injects colour and vitality into the urban environment.

Gemma Smith is represented by Sarah Cottier Gallery and Milani Gallery.


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