Icograda Design Week | UAP SEGD Environmental Design workshop

28 October, 2010

Workshop sketches / Image courtesy Seesaw Photography

Design thinking can shape the experience of movement through our ever-growing cities and humanise public spaces. Given the opportunity to rethink traditional approaches to urban planning how would a group of built environment professionals and creative practitioners meet environmental challenges with good design?

Urban Art Projects (UAP) and the Society of Environmental Graphic Designers (SEGD) facilitated a collaborative workshop on October 12, bringing together minds from environmental graphics (Jack Bryce Urban Design, Jell Design), urban planning (Urbis, Place Design Group), landscape architecture (Lat27), art (Kuuki, UAP) and design (Integration Studio). The interdisciplinary teams experimented with new ways that residents and short stay visitors might explore beyond Brisbane’s CBD, and tackled the problem from the perspective of two fictional characters: an international business person and a local parent with a young child. The characters’ imagined journeys brought diverse challenges to light, such as the hilly topography of Brisbane and navigation between dispersed urban villages.

Ideas generated included:

  • improved wayfinding systems that place landmarks in a radar accounting for distance and hills
  • open-source branding for precincts that integrates with public transport systems, public artworks, landscape features and mobile devices
  • concepts for engaging families and children, such as collectible wayfinding currency
  • mobile “Caravans of Courage”, 1970s style roaming hubs of culture and activity
  • extending the goCard to function as a multi-use passport to the city

The workshop was held as part of the Icograda Design Week held in Brisbane, Australia, from 11-17 October.

Workshopping: Damian Thompson of Lat27 / Image courtesy Seesaw Photography

Left: Kent Gration, Integration Studio, Image by UAP
Right: Reference imagery for Spring Hill precinct, including a selection by Cara Gartland / Image courtesy Seesaw Photography

Workshop Sketches / Image by UAP

Public Orientation System / Concept sketch by Kent Gration, Integration Studio

go explore Card / Concept Sketch by John Ellway, Jell Design

Workshop Participants: Jack Bryce – Jack Bryce Urban Design, Kent Gration – Integration Studio, Paul Hardyman – Urbis, Carmel Haugh, Jodie Cox, Scott Miller & Esther Cole – UAP, Damian Thompson & John Illet – Lat27 Landscape Architects, Gavin Sade & Priscilla Bracks – Kuuki, Nicole Wright – Griffith University / QCA, Alex Cohn – Place Design Group, John Ellway – Jell Design

See also Jell Design | Designing the outer city

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