Baroque Minimalism, Westfield Sydney | Dani Marti

28 October, 2010

ARTIST Dani Marti
ARTWORK TITLE Baroque Minimalism
PROJECT Westfield Centrepoint 100 Market Street
LOCATION Sydney, NSW, Australia
CLIENT Westfield
ARCHITECT John Wardle Architects
DESIGN UAP Studio, Elishia Whitchurch
YEAR 2010
PHOTOGRAPHY Mark Llewellynn Photography

Dani Marti has conceived an integrated façade artwork for Westfield Centrepoint in Sydney. The artwork is located at the main entrance on Market Street, and forms part of a masterplanned curatorial program activating key areas of the mall.

Marti, a Spanish-Australian sculptor, predominantly works in soft materials, skillfully manipulating thick ropes and weaving them into rhythmic patterns that appear as oversized fabric swatches.

The Centrepoint façade achieves this woven aesthetic with panels of cast glass-reinforced concrete. Marti creates a visual play between form and material, pushing the viewer’s perception as the concrete appears to warp and weave in flowing patterns across the surface.

A unique feature in the revitalised streetscape, the intriguing, tactile façade invites exploration and touch.

Progress Images

4 Responses to “Baroque Minimalism, Westfield Sydney | Dani Marti”

  1. KT Doyle said

    Nice to see the final work installed – it is really stunning! Great work Dani and UAP!

  2. Alan said

    It is so alive and wonderful to watch people interact with it – fantastic!

  3. J Bastin said

    I love this work – it’s fun to watch everyone’s reactions when they first see it; then go up and touch it.

  4. Lou said

    This is exciting public art. Congratulations.

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