Ningbo DongQian Lake | Matthew Tobin

23 September, 2010

ARTIST Matthew Tobin
PROJECT Ningbo DongQian Lake
LOCATION DongQian, China
CLIENT Ningbo DongQian Lake Tourism Bureau
YEAR 2010

DongQian Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Zhejiang province, approximately 15 kilometres from the heart of the regional seaport of Ningbo, China. This region has long been known as a ‘fertile land of fish and rice’ with a rich history and cultural heritage. In recent times the region has emerged as a popular national recreation and holiday destination due to its pleasant subtropi­cal climate and picturesque natural environment of hills and mist covered waters.

This artwork designed by UAP Principal Matthew Tobin, is themed on the reeds that surround DongQian Lake and the Dayan goose which is native to the region. Integrated into the undulating landscape of the lake’s surrounding landforms and road verges, the artwork presents a strong visual statement for motorists at the Entrance-way.

The artwork is monumental in scale and linear in nature. It extends across a large area but reads as a single conceptual idea creating a beautiful and sophisticated visual link between the Entrance-way and the lake’s edge.

2 Responses to “Ningbo DongQian Lake | Matthew Tobin”

  1. KT Doyle said

    This is really beautiful. Such sensitivity. I would love to see it in the flesh. Thanks Matt for bringing this work to life…

  2. Bernadette harris said

    Matt, this is absolutely stunning, well done. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

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