Venice Architecture Biennale

31 August, 2010

Photo via flickr Didier Leroi

EXHIBITION Venice Architecture Biennale
DIRECTOR Kazuyo Sejima
DURATION 29th August – 21st November, 2010

The 12th International Architecture Exhibition opened in Venice this week. Based on the theme “People meet in architecture”, the exhibition will take advantage of the different points of view that the many and varied visitors bring to the site.

“There will be an independent space for each participant, in order to make them show their understanding of the theme and their personal response to it,” says Director Kazuyo Sejima, “Individuals will be showing their position towards the interaction of new social and natural environments; all of which means that each person is his or her own curator. This way the atmosphere of the exhibition itself will be achieved through multiple points of view rather than a single orientation”.
The exhibition has a strong focus on visitor engagement, with “Architecture Saturdays” providing a public forum for discussion, “Universities meet in architecture” involving educational institutions, and three online competitions gathering photo, video and essay input and reflections from participants at
Junya Ishigami ‘Architecture as Air: Study for Château la Coste’ / Photo via flickr Didier Leroi

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