Wind Wells: channeling and divining | Stefan Purcell & Pat Hoffie

26 August, 2010

ARTISTS Pat Hoffie & Stefan Purcell
PROJECT Wind Wells: channeling and divining
LOCATION State Library of Queensland, Australia
DURATION 26 June – 17 October 2010

Stefan Purcell and Pat Hoffie have staged an engaging new immersive installation at Queensland’s State Library.

Text from the State Library:

“This immersive installation by Pat Hoffie and Stefan Purcell embodies the convergence of art, science, history and magic.  It delves into the curiosities of Queensland’s past in an intriguing assemblage of projections, moving parts and a windmill.

Using the State Library’s John Oxley Library collection as inspiration, the artists were drawn to the image of the Australian agricultural windmill.  The windmill’s function is to draw the precious resource of water, and this became a metaphor for drawing memory and history from the collections. It brought to the surface intriguing stories of invention and showmanship in Queensland during the Victorian era.

The exhibition also includes a research hub which retraces the artist’s journey through the collections highlighting what is possible when a contemporary visual artist is let loose to explore the John Oxley Library. What emerged was a rich resource of photographs, film, catalogues and newspaper articles that together starting painting a unique picture of Queensland around 1885.”

Virtual Exhibition of Wind Wells at the State Library of Queensland

Progress images from the making of Wind Wells, Courtesy the artists

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