Artist Profile | Kyle Mclean, Everyone Is Happy Productions

24 August, 2010

Kyle Mclean is an award winning artist, programmer, interaction designer and facilitator whose projects have spanned the globe and engaged a range of audiences from at risk youth to Fortune 500 companies.

In 2002 Kyle co-founded Everyone is Happy Productions, a dynamic multidisciplinary arts company providing mappings between existing and emerging technologies, arts workers and communities. They have developed ground breaking software tools and a design approach that allows for the growing digital realm to become ever more entwined with our own in both art and commerce. Using projection and other technologies Kyle has created a unique portfolio of projects where objects, people and architecture all become a canvas for digitally augmented expression.

Kyle’s current focus areas include producing temporal and semi permanent media installations, and the ease with which these installations take form lends his practice to a range of possibilities for site-specific artwork. He recently demonstrated the Rapid Projection Mapping at a Pecha Kucha event, and brought an old sculpture to life at the opening of The Edge Digital Culture Centre at Brisbane’s South Bank.

For more information see Everyone is Happy Productions

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