The Remnant | Keith Armstrong and James Muller

29 July, 2010

PROJECT The Remnant
ARTISTS Keith Armstrong & James Muller
PRODUCTION Keith Armstrong & James Muller
Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Ecological Information Centre, Maleny, Australia
DURATION 28th May – 6th June 2010

Keith Armstrong, James Muller and Leah Barclay have recently collaborated to produce  new media interactive installation THE REMNANT (v.1), a major commission for the 2010 Sunshine Coast Council’s TreeLine ecoArt. A remnant is something that remains when the majority of that something has been lost. By focusing upon an isolated remnant rainforest set within a patchwork quilt of surrounding blocks, this art-science project challenges audiences to re-imagine our conceptions of country in ways that will lead us to better reconnect and sustain today’s heavily divided landscapes.

THE REMNANT (v.1) draws upon the dramatic power of holographic 3D illusion, satellite imagery, surround sound and intuitive body driven interactivity. Participants peer into a mysterious, long tunnel of imagery whilst navigating entirely via their gentle head movements – allowing them to both ‘steer’ in three dimensions and also ‘alight’, as a butterfly might, upon a sector of landscape – which in turn reveals an underlying ‘landscape of mind’.

More information: Embodied Media | The Remnant

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