N Building Facade by Teradadesign Architects

14 July, 2010

PROJECT N Building
LOCATION Tokyo, Japan
ARCHITECTS Teradadesign Architects, Terada Naoki, Hirate Kenichi
MEDIA ARCHITECTS Qosmo, Inc., Alexander Reeder, Tokui Nao, Sawai Taeji
LIGHTING Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design, Okayasu Izumi
YEAR 2009

A building facade in Tokyo has taken a leading step away from a cityscape overwhelmed by signage. Instead of the typical neon signs that adorn Tokyo’s Skyline, architects of the N Building, near Tachikawa station, designed a facade with two large QR codes. A passerby can use the codes to access online information about the building via their mobile phone. For example, up-to-date information on the retailers in the building, and live tweets made by shoppers inside. The launch of the building coincided with the launch of a specially made iPhone application, providing a medium for the virtual to enhance the experience of the physical.

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