Jeddah Streetscape Regeneration

14 July, 2010

Henry Moore / Large Spindle Piece / cast bronze; Alexander Calder / Flexibility of Balance / painted steel

PROJECT Jeddah Streetscape Regeneration
CLIENT Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company (JDURC)
LOCATION Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
YEAR 2010

The Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company (JDURC) was formed in 2006 to help steer the city’s rapid economic and urban expansion. Through strategic partnerships with the private sector, JDURC is charged with facilitating and implementing a twenty year integrated approach to revitalize Jeddah and establish it as a commercial and tourist destination.  UAP was commissioned to assist this vision with an extensive public realm assessment and art masterplan for the city’s streetscape.

Jeddah is a bastion of open air public art. There are hundreds of pieces within the city’s collection, sited in roundabouts and along the corniche.  Works by internationally renowned artists such as Henry Moore, Alexander Calder and Cesar Baldaccini are scattered amongst works by local sculptors.

The artworks, ranging from large-scale landmark pieces to wayfinding and small- to medium- scale discovery pieces, were assessed by UAP for quality and suitability of materials, and overall condition. Detailed practical recommendations were made for the collection’s conservation, restoration and the potential relocation of some works. The assessment also considered the artistic significance and historical context of the artworks for the city of Jeddah, as well as each artwork’s placement in relation to the streetscape and other works, providing a framework for future art commissions.

Cesar Baldaccini / The Eye / cast bronze;
Aref el Rayess / Pure Abstraction / painted stone

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