Healthcare Interior Concept | Nike Savvas

14 July, 2010

PROJECT Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
CLIENT Bates Smart, Melbourne
LOCATION Melbourne, VIC, Australia
ARTIST Nike Savvas
ARTWORK TITLE Sun Sculptures
DESIGN UAP Studio, Alanah Walker
YEAR 2010

As part of the development of Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, Nike Savvas collaborated with UAP to submit this artwork concept for the central atrium space.

Sun Sculptures uses brightly coloured rope woven in algebraic patterns to create a striking, organic optical effect. The repeated sculptural forms, each between 9 and 11 meters high and 5 meters wide, would lightly inhabit and activate the space creating a sense of ethereality at a large scale.

Viewed from below, each form functions like a giant sun, providing moments of reflection and escape for those who become captivated in the swirling iridescent voids. Responding to the site as a place for children’s healing, the artwork brings the sun’s positive symbolism of happiness, hope, nourishment, and growth into the interior space.

Nike Savvas / Sliding Ladder Series,  2010 / Courtesy Breenspace Gallery Sydney

Reference Image

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