Star Projector by Oliver van den Berg

3 July, 2010

Star Projector by Oliver van den Berg

PROJECT KAUST International Art Program
LOCATION King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
ARTIST Oliver van den Berg (Germany)
ARTWORK Star Projector
ENGINEERS Robert Bird Group Engineers
LIGHTING Norman Disney & Young
ART MANAGEMENT Urban Art Projects
YEAR 2009

Setting the tone for the ground floor of KAUST’s research lab, Oliver van den Berg has created “Star Projector”. Based upon an actual apparatus which was used for projecting an accurate image of the night sky in large planetariums, the 5.7m steel and aluminium structure has all of the appearance of futuristic technology without the function. Reduced to pure form, it stands to reflect something of the nature of the human beings who created it.

Oliver van den Berg’s work is an ambitious and wonderful folly. A romantic work, it speaks to the adventurer and dreamer inside each of us, and our capacity to suspend our disbelief and imagine the unimaginable. A ‘blind’ telescope, it operates as a metaphor for sight and seeing as believing in an age of hyper reality.

Star Projector speaks of humanity’s shared desire for knowledge and the unknowable, and acknowledges the legacy of Arabic scholars and scientists in the fields of astronomy and science.

Star Projector by Oliver van den Berg

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