CABIN. in the room. | Carly Scoufos, Crucible Gallery

28 April, 2010

ARTIST Carly Scoufos
GALLERY Crucible Gallery, artisan
381 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
DURATION 22 April – 5 June 2010

Be sure to check out Carly Scoufos’ new exhibition, now showing at artisan’s Crucible Gallery.

Artist’s statement:

“During a recent residency at Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo, I exhibited an installation titled Seam. This work was a direct response to the building itself and the studio I created and presented it in.

During the 1950’s the building served as a clinic and sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. The installation consisted of a sewn and wrapped interior lining made from sheets of Japanese washi paper. The lining of the room and selected pieces of furniture referenced the sterilisation process while also drawing attention to the physical space itself. The sewn sheets of paper defined the forms they enveloped while also reinterpreting the space surrounding them. This created an interplay between form, space and the drawn surface and by presenting the notion of drawing-on-paper in a three dimensional format, it enabled the viewer to enter into the drawn space itself. Due to the delicacy of the paper, Seam also acted as a recorder to absorb the presence of the Japanese visitors who passed through the space.

By re-working and re-presenting this work as CABIN. in the room. it enables the Crucible space (a room within a room within a gallery) to be a section of the same interior space from the Youkobo Art Space in Japan.”

The Crucible space is sponsored by UAP.

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