Canon Neoreal 2010

20 April, 2010

PROJECT Canon Neoreal 2010
LOCATION Milan Design Week, Italy
ARTIST Kyota Takahashi
ARCHITECT Akihisa Hirata
ARTWORK Prism Liquid

Canon have put their newest technology into the hands of artist Kyota Takahashi and architect Akihisa Hirata, and the collaboration has given life to Prism Liquid, a captivating installation for Milan Design Week. This is the third annual display in Canon’s Neoreal series, each of which leverages the collaboration between an architect and artist or designer, as well as the most up-to-date imaging tools.

Prism Liquid is a spiraling geometric architectural structure, which provides a myriad of planes for the projection of high definition video. The form is illuminated through a complex system of projectors, appearing to transform from within, a constantly morphing presence in the installation space.

The folks at designboom have documented the process, while more images and video can be viewed at Canon.

Those interested in similar works should see the augmented sculpture of Lichtfront & Grosse8 and Pablo Valbuena.

Images courtesy of Canon

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