Anish Kapoor commissioned for London’s Olympic Games icon

6 April, 2010

Anish Kapoor / The Orbit, planned for East London / Visualisation by ARUP

ARTIST Anish Kapoor
ARTWORK ArcelorMittal Orbit
LOCATION East London
YEAR Planned for completion by 2012 Olympic Games

ArcelorMittal Orbit presents a subtle aesthetic departure from Kapoor’s previous iconic public works, though the lower trumpet like element visually echoes the artists much celebrated Marsyas completed for the Turbine Hall at the TATE Modern in London, this new creation captures a completely different physical energy. Kapoor’s work typically evokes a strong sense of grounded presence and awe inspiring silence, such as Millennium Park’s Cloud Gate in Chicago. However, the ArcelorMittal Orbit has an explosive and dynamic quality that is more about movement and asymmetric form than his usual approach. Perhaps this work is visually indicative of the coming together of different nations during the Olympic events, and exertion of energy in the athlete’s body. The spiralling arms themselves have an almost molecular-like quality, reminiscent of DNA. This experiential piece will no doubt cause great delight for visitors as it will allow pedestrians to physically move through the structure providing a new perspective of the surrounding Olympic precinct.

by Natasha Davies, Art Strategist, UAP Curatorial Team

Image via ABC News | Olympic Tower to top Statue of Liberty

One Response to “Anish Kapoor commissioned for London’s Olympic Games icon”

  1. KT Doyle said

    This would be truly an experience… to walk around and up inside this amazing sculpture…

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