Yalari Editioned Artwork | Fiona Foley

23 March, 2010

Fiona Foley / Fraser Island Mangrove, 2010 / Edition of 100 / Cast aluminium, 280mm x 45mm x 45mm

Fiona Foley is a Badtjala woman from the Hervey Bay region of Queensland and an internationally renowned contemporary artist. Her concept for the inaugural Yalari editioned artwork is based on the humble mangrove pod. Often derided as a part of pungently muddy waterways, the mangrove is intrinsic to the ecosystem underpinning river and environmental health.

Proceeds from the sale of this artwork support the Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Education Scholarship Program, creating opportunities for Indigenous Australian children from regional, rural and remote areas to receive high quality secondary school education.

The artwork will be launched at a special event held at Urban Art Projects’ workshop on Thursday 25th March, and editions are available for purchase through Yalari.

Claire Oldfield
(07) 5665 8688

Yalari Inaugural Editioned Artwork Launch Event (PDF)


Fraser Island Mangrove is based on the mangrove pod, found in and around subtropical waterways.

A pattern was created from wood and metal, to be cast later in aluminium.

The casting process is complete and the mould is broken to reveal the raw mangrove pod form.

The cast form is finished, polished and the artwork is complete.

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