Delphinus by Donna Marcus

2 March, 2010

Resplendent in the Saudi Arabian sunset, Donna Marcus’ Delphinus constellation sculptures guide pedestrians through KAUST’s Seacourt Link.

LOCATION King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
ARTIST Donna Marcus
ARTWORK Delphinus
ENGINEERS Robert Bird Group Engineers
LIGHTING Norman Disney & Young
ART MANAGEMENT Urban Art Projects
YEAR 2009

KAUST has taken an innovative interdisciplinary approach to research and this is echoed in the influences at the heart of Donna Marcus’ work, Delphinus, which overlaps aesthetics and ideas of the microscopic, macroscopic, the organic, the industrial and the domestic.

Marcus’ sculptural practice of utilising distinctly mundane everyday domestic objects creates an aura of intimacy that stems from nostalgic memory and familiarity with in this case, the humble lemon squeezer. These are sculptures deeply informed by science, astronomy and philosophy that look to the past, both recent and ancient, at the same time they speak of the universal human condition and shared life experiences. Marcus’ sculptures appeal to a broad audience: they are both humble and profound in spirit.

Marcus’ internally lit sculptures are positioned to match the Delphinus constellation documented by astronomer As-Sufi (Azophi) over 1000 years ago, and will guide pedestrians through the Seacourt area.

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