Viewfinder | Kevin Osmond

8 February, 2010

Kevin Osmond / FLOW – DRIPSCAPE NO. 4, 2009 / 794 beech wood spheres, glass fibre rods, turquoise nylon flock, MDF, aluminium, paint

ARTIST Kevin Osmond
LOCATION Davidson Contemporary Gallery, New York
OPENING Thursday, February 11th, 5:30 – 7:30pm
DURATION February 11 – March 19, 2010

Meticulous and experimental, Kevin Osmond transforms the mundane into the mesmeric, providing an escape from the realities of everyday life into an idyllic universe. In his forthcoming exhibition, Viewfinder, Osmond creates visionary ‘scapes’ and explosive structures, using simple materials, in an attempt to depict the energy in the world around us. Osmond builds up complexity and interrelation from the repetition and adaptation of simple forms. Influenced by landscape and space, his work explores a gamut of different phenomena such as cloud formations, water droplets, topographical configurations, celestial explosions and galaxies, as if seen through a viewfinder. Osmond often creates naturally kinetic sculpture, for example, Constellation series gently revolves as it responds to the natural flow of air through its structure. He has a strong interest in the representation of space, and this interest has not only been represented in sculpture, but in two-dimensional works on paper, such as the Stargazer series (image), an investigation of galaxies in space through meticulous and meditative drawing.

Kevin Osmond /
CONSTELLATION NO. 4, 2009 /2mm glass fiber rods, wooden spheres, nail lacquer, nylon thread / 48 cm Variable spherical shape

Kevin Osmond / CHOPSTICK CLUSTER, 2006 / Chopsticks, colored nail varnish / 170 cm diameter

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