Artist Profile: Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro

1 February, 2010

Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro / Not under my roof Installation , 2008 / Found flooring from farm house (wood, linoleum, carpet) / Site-specific work for ‘Contemporary Australia: Optimism’, Curated by Julie Ewington, Gallery of Modern Art Queensland / Photograph by the artists.

ARTISTS Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro
LOCATION Sydney, NSW, Australia
GALLERY Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin and Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

The two Australian artists Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro develop sculptural work through a variety of media. In exploring the materials of our contemporary world, they raise socio-political issues such as globalisation, mediated culture, consumption and the property.

Their site-specific installation “Not Under My Roof” at Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art in 2008, consisting of the entire floor area of a traditional wooden farm house, captivated locals who could recognise their own histories in its patterned linoleum.

Currently undertaking a residency in Japan, Claire and Sean have continued to produce works of poignant social commentary, some of which can be seen at the following group exhibitions this year:

They will also hold a solo exhibition at Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin from September 10 to October 23 2010.

Dust to Dust (LACK red, green, pink) 2008 / Three entire pulverised IKEA coffee table, Oak wood and three glass vitrines / 120 x 50 x 50 cm each

Dust to Dust / (LACK green) detail 2008

Lifespan Installation, 2009 / Once Removed, curated by Felicity Fenner, offsite Australian representation for the 53rd Venice Biennale / 175, 218 VHS video cassettes are arranged to form a solid block in the deconsecrated chapel of a former nunnery. The combined running time of these cassettes, if played consecutively, would be 60.1 years, the average human life span in 1976 – the year that the VHS was released / Photograph by Ella Condon

Prems, 2009 / La bf15, Lyon
/ A LEGO replica of the terrain of Aksai Chin, a region of China known as China’s “Area 51”

One Response to “Artist Profile: Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro”

  1. KT Doyle said

    I love their work. Their concepts are so rich and resolved beautifully in all forms of installation.

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