INFINITE IN ALL DIRECTIONS | Sarah Robson Exhibition, Sydney

28 January, 2010

If you’re in Sydney this week, be sure to see the new exhibition by Sarah Robson, held at the Depot Gallery.

Sarah Robson / Corner Composition #4  2009 detail / powder coated aluminium / 15 parts / dimension variable

EXHIBITION Infinite in all Directions
ARTIST Sarah Robson
GALLERY Gitte Weise Gallery at the Depot Gallery, Sydney
2 Danks Street, Waterloo NSW 2017

DURATION 20 – 31 January 2010
Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 6pm, Sunday 11 – 4 pm, or by appointment

no beginning – no end

Our everyday experience of time is constantly measured and quantified, given a beginning and an end, reducing our existence to a series of moments that become past or future. The full complexity and depth of any given moment is less readily experienced. The works in this show aim to remove or obscure physical and conceptual boundaries to allow a glimpse of the infinite nature of both time and space.

The corner provides the perfect situation to examine and question these boundaries. It¹s co ordinates represent the point where planes converge, where the walls meet each other, or the floor and ceiling finish. As such it is a point of enclosure a dead end. In art, as in architecture, reconsideration of the corner and hence the cube has been a focus of thought during the last century. Visual artists from Malevich to Mondrian all paid homage to the corner as a magical and even mystical site. Artists working in the later part of the 20th century such as Robert Irwin, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, and Rachael Whiteread each shared associations with this fundamental form.

Corner Composition # IV and V in this show challenge the limits of the corner, changing our perception of space while seemingly defying gravity. Other wall sculptures and works on paper explore the ideas inherent in serial works with their ability to continue building and expanding without a defined beginning or end. The works on paper have been drawn using a sewn line, methodically forging tracks across the paper. These tracks reflect the journeys both personal and universal that we trace through time and across space, the traces that become a time line for our lives and maps for the limitless potential of our perceptions.

Sarah Robson’s range of abstract forms, coerce us to examine space from a variety of perspectives, ultimately questioning the finite relationships they establish within the gallery.

Sydney/Berlin 2010

Courtesy of Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin
For more information please contact the gallery

Sarah Robson / Corner Composition #5 2009 / Powder coated aluminium / 15 parts / dimensions variable

Sarah Robson / No Beginning – No End #II & #I 2009 / Polyurethane on plywood / 17 parts / dimensions variable

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