Unfurl by Amanda Harris and Alanah Walker

14 January, 2010

PROJECT Boggo Road Busway
CLIENT Boggo Road Busway Alliance (Thiess, Queensland Transport & Sinclair Knight Merz)
LOCATION Brisbane, QLD, Australia
ARTISTS UAP Studio, Amanda Harris and Alanah Walker
ART CONSULTANT Urban Art Projects
YEAR 2009

Bringing life and local heritage to Brisbane’s Boggo Road Busway is a patterned artwork by UAP designers Amanda Harris and Alanah Walker. Designed specifically for the site, the artwork draws upon the origins of the name “Boggo”, thought to be derived from the local indigenous word “bloggo” meaning “two leaning trees”. 70 abstracted leaf forms are arranged to mimic the lines of two leaning trees, subtly creating a sense of place for transit passengers.

In consideration of the intense sunlight of the Queensland climate, the designers developed a system of laser cut patterns to cast changing shadows across the wall as the sun moves across the sky. The patterns, derived from the veins of a leaf, are arranged such that negative and positive shapes align to cast solid shadows at certain times of the day,  layered with patterned shadows that extend beyond them.

One Response to “Unfurl by Amanda Harris and Alanah Walker”

  1. KT Doyle said

    This is such a sensitive response to the site and its history. The leaves almost become modern day sundials!

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