The making of ‘Baroque Minimalism’ | Dani Marti

18 December, 2009

Dani Marti’s sculptural wall artwork is currently being fabricated in UAP’s workshop. A panel of woven rope was made using strands of selected thickness and texture. It was then coated with rubber and encased in a frame of wood and fibreglass to create a mould for casting panels of glass-reinforced concrete. These will be tiled on the wall to create the final effect.

Rope pattern being prepared for casting in UAP workshop

Creating a mould from the woven rope pattern

Creating a mould from the woven rope pattern

Mould ready for casting concrete panels

3 Responses to “The making of ‘Baroque Minimalism’ | Dani Marti”

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  2. Aina said

    Merece la pena seguir trabajando en este campo.
    Espero ver pronto alguno de estos trabajos por las calles!

    (Impressive! It is worthwhile to continue working in this field. I hope to see some of these works in the streets soon!

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