enex100 Shopping Centre, Perth

14 December, 2009

The Golden Age / Paul Caporn / Image courtesy Enex100

PROJECT Enex100 Shopping Centre
LOCATION Perth, WA, Australia
OWNER ISPT Super Property
ARTISTS Bennett Miller, Nicole Andrijevic, Paul Caporn, Rose Skinner, Brett Coelho
YEAR 2009

A shopping centre in Perth has taken an integrated approach to art and design, aiming to set itself apart from other centres of its kind.  Site-specific artwork commissions which draw inspiration from the local resource industry and from the distinctive character of the local community are notable features within the centre.

“The design essence draws inspiration from the past and the present. The striking heritage facade on the Hay Street Mall was once home to Sandover Hardware, whose great start began with the 1890’s gold rush. The inspiration continues to today; the resources industries are the backbone of business and the economy in W.A., this central city food podium is designed to reflect in a contemporary manner the quest for minerals and resources.

“The concept is also to reflect the calibre and spirit of the people of W.A. It infers the qualities we have inherited – qualities of resilience, resourcefulness and innovation leading to optimism in the face of challenges and adversity. The daring search through inhospitable country, the mettle and fortitude essential to continue the quest are all part of our living history.”

Read more:
The Vision for Enex100

More images of the artworks in Enex100’s Flickr Photostream

A benchmark for sustainable design, the centre is also the site for the first full-scale implementation of an innovative technology that neutralises air pollutants. The Presolve370e 3D architectural tile provides an aesthetic layer to interior and exterior surfaces, and is coated with a superfine titanium dioxide (TiO2) activated by ambient daylight, which draws toxins out of the air and converts them into harmless amounts of carbon dioxide and water. The tile has been developed by design firm Elegant Embellishments, based in Berlin, Germany.

One Response to “enex100 Shopping Centre, Perth”

  1. KT Doyle said

    That technology is extraordinary! Now all we have to do is not create these toxic chemicals in the first place, leaving no issues with management/clean up!

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