“Happily ever after”: Sanctuary Cove

10 December, 2009

PROJECT Sanctuary Cove
Mulpha Australia Limited
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
ARTISTS UAP Studio | Matthew Tobin, Belinda Smith, Amanda Harris
Emergent, Tussock, Pod
YEAR 2009

Residents and visitors arriving at Sanctuary Cove luxury development on the Gold Coast are welcomed by this series of artworks by UAP designers Matthew Tobin, Belinda Smith and Amanda Harris.

Underpinned by Sanctuary Cove’s brand as a place to “live happily ever after”, the artwork concept is intended to reflect the relaxed, rhythmic nature of skipping a stone across the water. Three distinctive artwork elements reference natural forms local to Sanctuary Cove: ‘Emergent’, strong placemarkers inspired by the palm tree; ‘Tussock’, slender stalks that echo water grasses; and ‘Pod’, rounded forms composed from smooth pebble shapes and droplet patterns.

Clustered informally along the roadway and each internally lit, the artworks provide memorable landmarks day and night, connecting ideas of growth, prosperity and aspiration.

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