ARTWORK Briggs’ Lanterns
LOCATION Briggs Lane, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
ART MANAGEMENT Urban Art Projects
YEAR 2009

Briggs’ Lanterns is a sculptural lighting installation consisting of nine lighting elements for temporary exhibition in the entrance to Briggs Lane, resulting from a three-month Mentorship Residency with Urban Art Projects (UAP), facilitated by Artisan and featuring as part of the Brisbane City Council’s Vibrant Laneways and Small Spaces ‘Inhabit’ Program. Its role is to animate the site through light and a sense of ‘lightness’ while still connecting to the previous tenants of the site, in particular J Briggs and Sons.

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UAP Mentorship | Briggs’ Lanterns by KT Doyle

UAP Mentorship Program

PROJECT Urbane Restaurant
LOCATION Brisbane, Australia
ARTIST Belinda Smith
YEAR 2009

UAP Lead Designer Belinda Smith was commissioned to create a wall hanging for Brisbane’s new Urbane Restaurant. Based on ‘Cumulus’, an artwork she created from paper for the Ivory 24/7 window in Brisbane’s artisan Gallery, ‘Herd’ is the build up of sewn leather discs, transforming a regular pattern into an unpredictable organic form.

An original experiment for the concept in paper, and an article from The Courier Mail, 1 Dec 2009

PROJECT Lego Kitchen
LOCATION Paris, France
DESIGNERS Munchausen: Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti
YEAR 2009

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The Tote by Serie Architects

23 December, 2009

LOCATION Mumbai, India
DESIGN Chris Lee and Kapil Gupta, Serie Architects
YEAR 2009

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Dani Marti’s sculptural wall artwork is currently being fabricated in UAP’s workshop. A panel of woven rope was made using strands of selected thickness and texture. It was then coated with rubber and encased in a frame of wood and fibreglass to create a mould for casting panels of glass-reinforced concrete. These will be tiled on the wall to create the final effect.

Rope pattern being prepared for casting in UAP workshop

Creating a mould from the woven rope pattern

Creating a mould from the woven rope pattern

Mould ready for casting concrete panels