Interpretations II at Gaffa Gallery

18 November, 2009

‘Garden Party’ by Bernabeifreeman

EXHIBITION Interpretations II
LOCATION Gaffa Gallery, Sydney
ARTISTS Andrew Simpson, Bernabeifreeman, Oliver Smith, Trent Jansen, Phillippa Carnemolla
CURATOR Andrew Simpson of Vert Design

Gaffa Gallery follows up 2007’s ‘Interpretations’ exhibition curated by Andrew Simpson of Vert Design, with a new series of works in the Surry Hills space. Glass took centre stage at the first edition, but this year ‘Interpretations II’ forges a focus on sheet metal, asking five industrial designers to interpret the material.

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One Response to “Interpretations II at Gaffa Gallery”

  1. KT Doyle said

    Bernabeifreeman’s work is so vibrant and fresh. It injects ‘the domestic’ into industrial design and now crosses over into art! Beautiful!

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