QGC Head Office Artworks

12 November, 2009

QGC Head Office, Urban Art Projects, Daniel Clifford

PROJECT Queensland Gas Company Head Office
CLIENT Queensland Gas Company
LOCATION Brisbane, QLD, Australia
DESIGN Geyer, Sally Macnaughton, Catherine Allen | UAP Studio, Daniel Clifford
ART CONSULTANT Urban Art Projects
YEAR 2009

The Queensland Gas Company (QGC) head office in Brisbane’s CBD incorporates a grand open space spanning the height of two office floors. One of Urban Art Projects lead designers, Daniel Clifford worked in collaboration with Geyer to develop their initial concept, designed to create some separation and screening while enhancing the feeling of spaciousness in the foyer.

Complementing Geyer’s interior design approach, the artworks capture the scientific and geological themes underpinning QGC’s industry. The primary form emerges from the floor and stretches 7.2m to the ceiling, where two similar forms are suspended. Each is composed from fine aluminium rods joined in an organic 3-dimensional geometric pattern, punctuated with delicate suspended glass blown objects. The collection is an abstracted yet accessible depiction of coal seams, and the methane gas molecule (CH4) trapped within them.

The artworks not only add a distinctive aesthetic layer to the foyer design, they also support the company’s brand by providing thematic visual focus for visitors and staff.

QGC Head Office, Urban Art Projects, Daniel Clifford QGC Head Office, Urban Art Projects, Daniel Clifford

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