Nature Borne | Korea & Singapore Joint Sculpture Exhibition

10 November, 2009

Vertical Submarine, Nature Borne Exhibition, Singapore Jason Lim, Nature Borne Exhibition, Singapore
ARTIST Vertical Submarine |  ARTIST Jason Lim

Singapore Botanic Garden
3 November – 27 December 2009
ARTISTS (Singapore) Kumari Nahappan, Jason Lim, Michael Lee, Jason Wee, Vertical Submarine
ARTISTS (Korea) Lee Jae Hyo, Lee Soo Hong, Choi Ki-Seog, Kim Hwangrok, Seo Jung Kug
PRESENTED BY The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Singapore Botanic Garden
CURATORS Lee Dong Young and Joanna Lee
ORGANISER AndrewShire Art Services Pte Ltd

Nature Borne features the works of five Korean and five Singaporean artists.  The central theme is the interplay between Man and Nature – and the evolution of what is regarded as one’s natural environment.

Nature Borne stands out as a carefully-nuanced exhibition, with art works that will appeal to children and adults alike, encouraging each of us to reconnect with Nature in its multi-faceted splendour, while celebrating the rich tapestry of our respective socio-cultural heritages.

For most of us who live in high density concrete jungles embellished with monuments of steel and glass, Nature is an ephemeral being, clearly defined in our sub-conscious, but in our increasingly futile attempts to preserve pockets of natural vegetation or man-made parks amidst the urban sprawl, or in our fearful attempts to ward off her wrath, we ultimately reflect our latent insecurities, and our inability to come to terms with the elements.

Nature Borne therefore tries to reach out to a more harmonious balance; each piece has been chosen to reflect the potential of the man-made finding solace and wisdom amidst nature’s bounty.  Inspired by the awesome vision and back-drop of the Botanical Gardens, the artists strive to offer up a richly textured perspective, indelibly capturing personal expressions and experiences.

We hope Nature Borne goes some distance in instilling a deep appreciation for our environment, and to help foster in each of us, a commitment to protect and conserve, and to leave behind a richer, more nurturing canvas.

Nature Borne, ultimately, resides deep within each of us; it is up to each of us, to dig deep, and bring that common conviction to light.

Kim Hwangrok, Nature Borne Exhibition, Singapore
ARTIST Kim Hwangrok

Michael Lee, Nature Borne Exhibition, Singapore
ARTIST Michael Lee

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