ARC Biennial of Contemporary Art at Fort Lytton this weekend

10 November, 2009

ARC Biennial at Fort Lytton, History as you've never seen it before

EVENT New Interpretations of Past Lives
LOCATION Fort Lytton, Brisbane, Australia
ARTISTS Elizabeth Woods, Pat Hoffie, Megan Cope, Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, Aleks Danko and Jude Walton
DURATION 14-15 November, 2009

Fort Lytton was used throughout the first and second world wars and even earlier to defend our city against possible enemy invasion and was a key quarantine centre through which many members of our multicultural community passed through on their entry to Australia.

This weekend, 14-15 November, five contemporary Queensland visual artists will stage performances and exhibitions at the Fort Lytton site.

Among them will be a performance and projection work, Troop Drill, by Brisbane-based artist Pat Hoffie. Troop Drill will use horses and riders, film, lighing and the audience as materials through which to trace connections from the past to the present.  Collaborators on Troop Drill include UAP staff member Stefan Purcell, who has worked with Pat on several kinetic artwork projects in the past.

More information:
ARC Biennial | New interpretations of past lives

Download invitation pdf

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