PROJECT Bodies in Urban Spaces
Cities around the world
Willi Dorner (Austria)
Lisa Rastl
2007: Paris, France; Vienna, Austria
2008: Steiermark, Austria; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Philadelphia, USA; Rouen, France; Bern, Switzerland
2009: Austen, Texas; Loughborough, UK; Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France; St. Etienne, France; Berlin, Germany; Versailles, France; London, UK

“bodies in urban spaces” is a temporary intervention in diversified urban architectonical environment. The intention of “bodies in urban spaces” is to point out the urban functional structure and to uncover the restricted movement possibilities and behaviour as well as rules and limitations.

By placing the bodies in selected spots the interventions provoke a thinking process and produce irritation. Passers by, residents and audience are motivated and prompted to reflect their urban surrounding and there own movement behaviour and habits. “Bodies in urban spaces” invites the residents to walk their own city thus establishing a stronger relationship to their neighbourhood, district and town. The interventions are temporarily without leaving any traces behind, but imprints in the eye-witnesses’ memory.

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Cie. Willi Dorner Studio | Bodies in Urban Spaces

concept: Willi Dorner
photos: Lisa Rastl

Camp Dogs by Lena Yarinkura

25 November, 2009

Last week, UAP Artist Liaison Mary Stuart visited Australian indigenous artist Lena Yarinkura at the community of Maningrida in the Northern Territory. Pictured above are some of Lena’s newest works from her Camp Dogs series. A number of the whimsical Camp Dogs, cast in aluminium, can be found at the One Airport Drive development near Brisbane’s Airport (below).

Cloud over London

25 November, 2009

PROJECT Cloud over London
DESIGN TEAM Carlo Ratti, Tomas Saraceno, Alex Haw, Joerg Schleich, Arup Engineering Group, Agence Ter Landscape Architects, Google
ADVISORS Umberto Eco, Antoni Muntadas
YEAR Planned for Olympics 2012

A team of leading architects and engineers has just unveiled designs for The Cloud – a landmark structure to commemorate London’s role as host of the 2012 Olympics. The lightweight transparent tower, composed of a “cloud” of inflatable, light-emitting spheres, would create a spatial, three-dimensional display in the skies of London, fed by real time information from all over the world.

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World Architecture News | Architects and engineers develop energy producing ‘Cloud’ to celebrate 2012 Olympics

Green Void by LAVA

23 November, 2009

PROJECT Green Void
LOCATION Customs House, Sydney
ARTISTS LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture): Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser and Alexander Rieck
YEAR 2009

LAVA designed the Green Void installation specifically for the Customs House central atrium which spans through all five levels. Suspended from the top level Café Sydney restaurant, a vertical distance of almost 20m, the sculpture provides an intense visual contrast to the beautifully restored heritage interior of Customs House. Green Void is a digital design, derived from nature, realized in lightweight fabric, using the latest digital fabrication and engineering techniques, to create more with less. Comprised of 3000 cubic meters of space is enclosed within a minimal surface area of 300 square meters and uses only 40 kg of lightweight material.

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Flickr | International architectural think tank, LAVA, go green at Customs House

CARSTEN HÖLLER: Reindeers & Spheres

EXHIBITION: Reindeers & Spheres
LOCATION: Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles
ARTIST: Carsten Höller

You could say that the real material I’m working with is people’s experience.
–Carsten Höller

This exhibition, shown in Los Angeles’ Gagosian Gallery in January this year, presented several new works intended to trigger the organic responses that underpin the structure of learned behavior, to unbalance the rational mind.

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Gagosian Gallery

Carsten Höller’s Spheres–reinterpreted in white brass–also form part of the International Art Program at KAUST, Saudi Arabia, curated by Urban Art Projects.

Fiona Foley: Forbidden

18 November, 2009

Fiona Foley Dispersed 2008 charred laminated wood, aluminium, .303 inch calibre bullets
Each letter, 51 x 25 x 5 cm, overall dimensions variable
Edition of 3 Collection National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, purchased 2008
Image courtesy Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane ©

LOCATION Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
ARTIST Fiona Foley
DURATION 10 November 2009 – 31 January 2010

Fiona Foley is a leading Australian artist as well as an influential curator, writer and academic. From Fraser Island in Queensland, her diverse practice spans two decades and encompasses painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, mixed media, public art and installation.

With a history of exhibitions featuring uncompromising titles such as No shades of white and Lick my black art, Foley traces the ongoing significance of Australia’s colonial histories. Individual works explore a broad range of themes, such as politics, language, female sexuality, race and the history of opium in Queensland.

Forbidden is the first in-depth solo exhibition of Foley’s work, featuring artwork spanning her 20 year career. It is being presented by the MCA in partnership with the University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane.