Janet Echelman | Her secret is patience

28 October, 2009

Her secret is Patience by Janet Echelman_ChristinaOHaver

PROJECT Her Secret is Patience
LOCATION Downtown Civic Space Park, Phoenix, Arizona
CLIENT City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program
ARTIST Janet Echelman
YEAR 2009
PHOTOGRAPHY Christina O’Haver

Her Secret is Patience is the newly inaugurated icon suspended above the new two-city-block Phoenix Civic Space park in the middle of downtown. The sculpture is monumental yet soft, fixed in place but constantly in motion. Responding to the desert winds, the piece welcomes all to come and watch the “wind choreography” play across the net. The large three-dimensional multi-layered net form is created by a combination of handbaited and machine-loomed knotting, and is the result of a collaborative effort with an international team of award-winning engineers. This work redefines the ‘art space,’ by bringing viewers eyes upwards to the sky, focused on a new celestial object.

During the day, the 145-foot-tall sculpture hovers high above heads, treetops, and buildings. The sculpture projects what the artist calls “shadow drawings” onto the ground, which she says are inspired by Phoenix’s cloud shadows that captivated her from the first site visit. At night, the illumination program, developed by Paul Deeb of VOX in consultation with the artist, changes color gradually through the seasons. Using 20 high-intensity metal halide fixtures at five separate locations, Deeb combined a range of blue and magenta filters to enhance without overpowering the richness of the net’s integrally-colored polyester fiber. The lighting design also changes what portion of the sculpture is illuminated, leaving parts obscured in mystery, much like the phases of the moon.

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