Profile: Jamie Perrow

22 October, 2009


Jamie Perrow is an artist and designer whose expertise spreads across a complex range of disciplines, from urban and object design to craft based design practices such as ceramics and woodwork.

Jamie is also UAP’s senior lead designer. He is responsible for an artwork’s concept and visual communication through design development. He interfaces with clients and instructs UAP’s documentation team in the creative intent of an installation. Jamie has a Bachelor in Design from the University of New South Wales, lectures design students at his almamarter. Key projects Jamie has designed for UAP include: Shanghai World Expo 2010 Entry Artworks (China), La Mondial (Egypt), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia), Akbulak Resort (Kazakhstan), Roma Street Subtropical Boulevard and Nambour Town Square.

Jamie talks here about his practice and his passions.

Where are you from?
Byron Bay, Northern NSW, Australia

What gets your design motor running?
My 1978 sky blue Mercedes.

What experiences have inspired you as a designer?
That’s a hard question… For me it’s more the little day-by-day moments that lead to visceral design inspirations rather than any singular experience. Although travelling far away always helps.

When you’re not in the studio what do you like doing?
Well, I have been thrashing about my house with a hammer in my hand doing renovations; but any weekend spent with a board and an ocean sounds just about perfect. I’m also mid-way through a new series of landscape watercolors I’m hoping to have finished by early next year.

What do you enjoy about designing for the public realm?
There’s something wonderful about bringing the handmade, the considered and the laboured-over artefact into any public space. I think there’s an innate need for people to connect and interact with art and design. Whether they can verbally express, or even emotionally recognise this instantly–or at all–isn’t of most importance, but rather the simple act of cultural expression that public art/design can represent. The best elicits excitement, engagement and affection.

If you weren’t a member of the UAP studio where would you be?
Why would I want to be anywhere else?

What is your favourite UAP project from the past 12 months?
Dalziel & Scullion, The Sound of Rain pavilion at KAUST. The sound of constant rain under the searing Saudi sun….awesome.

Any art/design indulgences?
Books, books, books…

What would be your dream project?
A fistful of dollars, Jaime Hayon, Christo, Goldsworthy, The Heidelberg School, Miki Dora, Anish Kapoor, Chris Burden, Robert Frank, Peter Dombrovskis and myself, somehow co-ordinating it all.

GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
PS1 Contemporary Art Centre, New York
The New Museum, New York
The Highline, New York
The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York Design Blog Image Bookmarking Buy and Sell things Handmade News and Media Art and Design Studio, London

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