Donna Marcus | Ascorbic

22 October, 2009

Ascorbic, Donna Marcus

Ascorbic, Donna Marcus
Vitreous porcelain, 675mm, 2009

Following a recent collaboration with UAP in the international art program for KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), we caught up with Australian artist Donna Marcus to talk about one of her newest artworks made in vitreous porcelain.

“Following the Smart works: Design and the Handmade symposium at the Powerhouse Museum in early 2009, I became very interested in using industrial processes to produce custom made objects.” Marcus explains, “Soon after I was invited to participate in the Mayo Festival, an event supported by UAP through the production of small editioned works, and this gave me the opportunity to  produce my first small bronze work: Twist.  I then worked with UAP on the production of Delphinus for KAUST. Working with new processes and with so many highly skilled designers and craftspeople has been a great privilege and opened up a myriad of new possibilities.”

Ascorbic continues Marcus’ interest in building modular sculptures from everyday found objects. In Ascorbic, the humble lemon squeezer is enlarged, duplicated in vitreous porcelain, and joined to produce a form that combines the aesthetics of both the natural and industrial worlds. Although the original object is recognisable, though transformed in the final sculpture. Ascorbic is also reminiscent of anemone, seeds and pods, things found along the shore.

“At the moment I am very excited about using vitreous porcelain, a material like aluminium (used in most of my found object assemblage work). Both materials are domestic and industrial in function and aesthetic.”

Vitreous porcelain makes an ironic reference to Duchamp’s first  ‘Readymade’ and more generally to the aesthetics of the bathroom and the twentieth century obsession with clinical hygiene.  In Ascorbic, the kitchen and the bathroom—normally  entirely separate provenances—are joined in an uncanny confluence of the material and form.

Ascorbic is an editioned artwork available through Dianne Tanzer Gallery.

Courtesy of Donna Marcus and Dianne Tanzer Gallery.

Ascorbic, casting in vitreous porcelain, Donna Marcus

Ascorbic, vitreous porcelain elements, Donna Marcus

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