joshua kirsch: sympathetic resonance

21 October, 2009

PROJECT Sympathetic Resonance
ARTIST Joshua Kirsch
MATERIALS african padauk, birch veneer plywood, aluminum, yarn mallets, rotary solenoids, brass, wires, magnets, boot lace, electronic components
YEAR 2009

Sympathetic resonance is an interactive musical instrument sculpture developed by joshua kirsch. The piece uses the keys of a marimba, which is a mallet-percussion instrument of african origin, to create four and a half playable octaves. Each of the 56 individual units which make up the instrument contain a different note as well as a yarn-wound mallet affixed to a rotary solenoid with notes triggered when someone plays the touch sensitive aluminum keyboard. The modular sculpture allows for different configurations each time it is installed. The units can stand alone on the ground or be mounted to the wall, and connected to the keyboard with any length of wire.

Joshua Kirsch: Sympathetic Resonance

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