Westin Hotel, New Delhi

19 October, 2009

Pre-function Area, Westin Hotel, New Delhi, Nike Savvas

PROJECT Westin Hotel
CLIENT Vatika Group
LOCATION New Delhi, India
ARTIST Nike Savvas
ART MANAGEMENT Urban Art Projects
YEAR 2009

For the Westin Hotel New Delhi, UAP collaborated with London-based Australian artist Nike Savvas to generate two artwork concepts which exemplify her unique artistic nuances.

Savvas’ concept for the pre-function zone (pictured) plays with vanishing points and lines of perspective and motion, creating a stationary artwork made from veils of brilliant yellow beads. As the viewer moves around the artwork the beads seem to shift, forming dynamic geometric patterns and optical illusions.

The concept for the Main Foyer is driven by the interlinked notions of passing time, movement and travel. Savvas endeavours to capture a moment of this time through colour and implied movement, a split-second in which the diverse local landscape is represented. It is as though the viewer has travelled through and observed the Yamuna river and floodplains, the Aravalli mountain range and the orange sun that sets behind it, all in a moment. These three iconic visages of the Indian landscape will be blurred into one, resulting in a visual spectacle of movement and colour.

Pre-function Area, Westin Hotel, New Delhi, Nike Savvas

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