ARC Biennial of Art | Opening Shih Chieh Huang “Cubozoa” with Special Event Glen Henderson projection work “Perceptions in Cell Time”

8 October, 2009


EXHIBITION 2009 ARC Biennial of Art
OPENING Friday 9 October, 6 – 8pm
LOCATION Shed E, Howard Smith Wharves, Brisbane
ARTIST Shih Chieh Huang

Shih Chieh Huang has created a poetic and fictional environment of blue blubber jellyfish in the Brisbane river which evolve and transform into varieties of creatures that inhabit the space and which are activated by the movement of people. It is a work that takes its cue from what happens to organisms when competition is removed by human depletion of fish and other environmental factors.

Glen Henderson - Perceptions of Cell Time

ARTIST Glen Henderson
ARTWORK Perceptions in Cell Time

A new twin projection work by Brisbane artist Glen Henderson.

Perceptions in Cell Time plays with sequence and interdependence to explore multiple connections of nature’s intricate geometry. It symbolises that in nature, time and energy define function to create an ever changing dynamic patterning.

Urban Art Projects proudly supports the 2009 ARC Biennial of Art.

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