UAP Mentorship Program

1 August, 2009


UAP in July 2009 announced a new Mentorship Residency for emerging artists or designers to provide an emerging practitioner with a unique opportunity to develop their creative skills during a three month residency at the Urban Art Projects studio in Northgate, Brisbane. This new mentorship project is supported and managed by artisan.

UAP and artisan are excited to announce that talented Brisbane designer KT Doyle was successfully selected as the inaugural recipient of this important new grant. UAP Principal Daniel Tobin said “We were specifically interested in supporting edgy and experimental work to facilitate a creative and dynamic Queensland industry and are delighted by the idea of working closely with KT Doyle over the next 3 months of project development.”

 Together, they will conspire with creative talent to give power to artistic vision to KT’s project. This dynamic professional mentorship will future design dialogue and push the boundaries of art and design.

KT Doyle says “I am both excited about and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with UAP under the inaugural 2009 Mentorship Residency for emerging designers. I believe the next three months will extend the ways in which I currently work and I am looking forward to the chance to experiment, explore and expand my practice through collaboration with the talented team at UAP.”

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